Photography has been my passion since the age of ten. Part of the early attraction was the cool hardware, but visits to the public library introduced me to the photography of Edward Weston and Harry Callahan, two photographers I still admire. For years I’ve been seeking out and photographing the things overlooked by most people to create complex compositions of unassuming subjects. 
My early interests led me to the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Photography, 1979). My artistic sensibility has always been greatly influenced by painting and architecture, so eventually I went back to study more rigorously at the University of Chicago (MA Art History, 1990). Insights gained there have added conceptual depth and direction to subsequent projects.
I have worked in all the usual formats, starting with 35mm film, then moving to medium format, and then several years with a 4x5 camera (still trying to achieve the offhand, active compositions normally associated with a handheld camera). During a period when I had small children I took a hiatus from photography, eventually returning to the digital realm.
Through the years I have been fortunate to have lived in cities with fascinating subject matter: Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, and now back in the Twin Cities, this time in St. Paul.