I am filled with fascination and wonder at all the things humans make, and this feeling is enhanced in the absence of the makers. In these uninhabited scenes, I have the sense that “hidden actors” have spent their lives making buildings and objects, and now they’re putting them all out on display for me to discover.
There are accounts of people who came upon the site of some cataclysmic event that has caused a rapid evacuation. The discoverers are stunned by the poignant scenes like the table set for breakfast, the lawnmower stopped mid-yard, etc. My discoveries feel like this, but of something happening in slow-motion. I sometimes think of these photographs as evidence of “what they left behind."

Still Life – Clear Lake, WI  2022

Patio – Minneapolis, MN  2022

Structure – Wonewoc, WI  2022

Tubs – Clermont, IA  2022

Between – White River Junction, VT  2022

TCBY Treats – Northwood, ND

Midway Cafe – Canby, MN  2022

Dollar General – Britt, IA  2022

Rooftop – Ortonville, MN  2022

Augmented, Darlington, WI  2022

B-Side – Tracy, MN  2022

Flora – Stillwater, MN  2022

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