The structure of a display case or vitrine protects but also frames and highlights an artifact. The very act of placing something in a vitrine amplifies its perceived importance and its ability to evoke wonder and desire. This applies to intentionally-conceived displays as well as to random artifacts or “found art.”
But the store window also “displays” reflections of the world that’s looking in. These two realities, interior and exterior, are often out of sync and create a psychic dis-connect. It’s this interplay and incongruity that I look for in this series.

St. Charles, MN   2020

Stockton, IL   2020

Hutchinson, MN   2020

Bloomer, WI   2020

Gaylord, MN   2020

Brownsdale, MN   2019

Windom, MN   2019

Dubuque, IA   2020

Montevideo, MN   2019

Janesville, MN   2019

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